Annotated Bib: Georgia State embraces Veggies

Graces Huseth, writer for Creative Loafing, wrote about Georgia State University transition from a menu filled with processed food to a  more health-conscious, plant based menu . Huseth included her interview with Lenore Musick, director of GSU’s PantherDining and Sustainability Initiatives, in her article. She wrote about Georgia State partnership with dining hall world chef Wanda White in developing healthier menu items. Creative Loafing readers will be the intended audience. Colleges developing and renovating their dining halls will found this article interesting, because it discussed Georgia Sate transition process into a  healthier and substantial food environment.   

Photo Credit:

Galonczyk, N. (2017, January 13). Georgia State embraces veggies. Photograph.Retrieved April 07, 2017, from


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