What’ll ya have?

The Varsity

The author writes three posts about the Varsity, a drive-in restaurant in Atlanta. In “The Varsity: A Deconstruction”, he writes about the visual aspect. He primarily focused on the color scheme. The author wrote a detailed description on the table layout. He included each table item the salt and pepper shaker, the napkin holder, and the mustard and ketchup bottles. He even counted the number of holes on the shakers and the design of  the bottles.  I noticed from his description that the Varsity is very uniform. The table layouts  never changed  throughout the restaurant. Each table is identical to each other.  It is a very detailed ordeal restaurant.

The author’s intended audience are people interested in the topic of race and architecture.  In his blog post, the author describes the Varsity’s lack of diversity. He noticed the lack of non-white customers in the restaurant. In his observations, he observed the customers race and tallied the amount. He found out fifty-three customers were white and three customers were African American. This lead to the author observing the restaurant’s décor. The restaurant décor featured white actors meaning the target audience were white customers. A researcher might want to use these observations to further study about architecture and race in restaurants.

The brief description of the Varsity’s history helped the audience ease into the post.  He conducted his own experiments to help prove the restaurant racial difference. Also, he includes his own personal experience to help his ethos. The author needs to write about his decision behind choosing the restaurant’s color scheme. Also, the author needs to focus his attention of the restaurant’s diverse design.

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