Georgia State University Meal Plans

Commuter Meal Plans

  • only available to Georgia State Commuter Students
  • three different versions
    • $100 plus an extra $5 included
    • $200 plus an extra $15 included
    • $300 plus an extra $30 included
    • available each fall and spring semester
  • available at   Centennial Cafe, the Courtyard, Legal Grounds, Miss Demeanor’s Cafe, Panther Club, Panther Cafe, and Ray’s New York Pizza
  • funds loaded through your panther card

Resident Plans

  • unlimited access to an “all you can eat” dining experience
  • available at Patton, Piedmont Central, and Piedmont North Dining Halls
  • two meal plans options for fall and semester
    • unlimited 5-day meal plan
      • includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday
      • cost: $3,630
    • unlimited 7-seven-day meal plan
      • includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Friday, as well as brunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday
      • cost: $3,832

Quote: “Driskell et al7 found that cost was one of the main factors influencing dining choice in a sample of college students, and college students interviewed by Nelson et al20 noted that the low cost of meals as well as access through meal plans were reasons to dine at fast food restaurants.”

Each semester, commuter students have a limited amount of dollars on their Panther Card to dine. Students have three different options ranging from a hundred to three hundred dollars. Georgia State University entrées cost around six dollars to ten dollars plus an additional two dollars for a beverage. If a commuter student chose the hundred-dollar commuter plan, the student will only have an average seventeen meals per a semester. I used the cheaper entrée items to calculate this average. The cheaper entrees tend to be more processed food such as Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwiches and nuggets, cheeseburgers, cheese steaks, fries, and Chinese food.  Commuter Students might want to eat fresher and healthier meal options, but these entrées tend to cost more. These entrees tend to cost students around eight or ten dollars. If a student chooses this route, their amount of meals will decrease from seventeen to twelve. Students on a limited budget will choose to dine at the more processed, fast food restaurants to save money.